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Optimization of straightening process for high strength and toughness steel

May 27, 2019

The analysis believes that there are two factors: one is the reason for the distance. Because the finishing temperature of high-strength and toughness steel plate is 830-850 °C, the straightening speed of the straightening machine and the rolling mill is low, the straightening temperature of the steel plate is low, and the straightening of the steel plate is difficult, resulting in the middle wave, side wave and head buckle after straightening; The reason for the roll gap of the two straighteners. Due to the slippage of the electromagnetic clutch friction plate, the roll gap is not accurate, and drift occurs, and the adjustment of the reduction amount is inaccurate, causing the unevenness of unevenness such as buckling of some steel plates.

The optimization measures are: implementation of large reduction straightening technology, check and correction of straightening reduction and straightening, and optimization and improvement of the adjustment method of straightening press.www.chamferingmachinechina.com