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Performance and application of double-head gear deburring chamfering machine

Jul 20, 2018

The gear chamfered spiral bevel gear chamfering machine is mainly applied to the tooth end grinding and chamfering of different gears. Now it has been widely used in mass production of automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, engineering, tobacco machinery and machine manufacturing industries. For the user, the use of a fully automatic and efficient gear chamfering machine can effectively improve the quality of the gear transmission and reduce the transmission noise.


According to the production requirements, the user can choose the appropriate built-in vacuum device according to the specifications of the double-head gear deburring chamfering machine. In this way, the occupied space area can also be reduced, which is also an aspect that the device is different from similar devices. In addition, the device also features the regularity of the cable, which is indicated by a numerical number, and the after-sales maintenance is clear at a glance.


In addition, in the process of processing, the double-head gear deburring chamfering machine has the function of automatic shutdown, the whole device adopts the baking process, and the fully enclosed sliding door adopts the linear guide. Moreover, the chamfering machine is equipped with a pneumatic grinding head, the speed is adjustable, and the table is continuously variable and can be adjusted within a range of ±90.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/