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Ping An of steel rolling mill of high success Xiangdong rod wear energy-saving water cooling

Apr 22, 2017

The day before, Ping An steel rolling mill of Eastern held high bar in the high bar heating furnace before tempcore energy-saving technological renovation work completed and the opening ceremony of 2017.

Last September, eastern Hunan rolling mill put forward "high bar rolling mill cooling water and cooling water in separate water cooling" reasonable suggestions, reasonable suggestion won first prize, and was soon adopted by the company, included in the 2017 science and technology project. In December 2016 the transformation of the preparatory work before, in determining the pipe route position after installation of pipeline and pump base construction, booster pump installation, wiring and other preparatory work to complete the pipeline parallel operation in mid January, after debugging a week after the reform is successful.

The high bar wear energy-saving water-cooled innovation by cooling water and cooling water mill in the pipeline to separate water supply, water pump will wear the relocation to the cooling water tank, direct pumping for tempcore, to meet the technological requirements of the reach less open a 280 kW pump energy, according to estimates for a year such a performance of about 1 million 250 thousand yuan.

The morning of January 25th 10, the factory held a simple high bar tempcore energy-saving technical work completed in 2017 and the opening ceremony of the ribbon cutting ceremony, the factory of high energy-saving water-cooled rod wear are summarized, put forward technical requirements of scientific and technical personnel work in 2017, the production line depth, diligent in thinking, with professional knowledge in the shortest time. To find and solve problems, and constantly improve the main economic and technical indexes, reduce material consumption, to dig deep inside the submarine, to achieve maximum benefit.