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Pipe bending machine medium frequency induction heating bending process

May 19, 2019

The position of the induction heating coil of the bender is fixed relative to the unit, so the part of the steel tube that is deformed under the action of the thrust gradually moves out of the heating zone and is forced to cool. The heating, pushing and cooling processes are continuously carried out to achieve bending of the steel pipe.


The pipe bending machine uses electromagnetic induction method to heat the extremely narrow region of the steel pipe to be bent to a plastic state, and adopts a method of spraying water or spraying cold air to control an appropriate heat deformation zone, and simultaneously applies a thrust along the axial direction of the steel pipe. The four rollers are moved under the thrust direction, and the fixed-axis rotating arm limits the linear motion of the steel pipe, forcing the heating portion of the steel pipe to bend as the mechanical rotating arm rotates around the axis. www.chamferingmachinechina.com