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Plasma cutting machine maintenance tips

Apr 27, 2019

 1. The cutting machine does not work: 1 system soft limit is in place, 2 cutting machine hits limit, 3 motor line falls off, 4 drive alarm (plasma power interference, need to be grounded), 5 emergency stop (need to open urgently before starting stop)

2, the drive alarm: 1 DC power supply polarity is wrong; 2 power supply voltage is too high; 3 motor winding wire between short circuit, power supply and winding is short circuit; 4 drive current value, subdivision, semi-flow function Reasonable; 5 whether the plug is plugged in; 6 the environment of the driver; 7 control signal level is higher; 8 machine interference.

3. The plasma cutting machine is not synchronized during operation: whether the gear and the rack bite loose, the screw is tightened, the line is loose (15 feet), the slider screw is loose, the drive is normal, and the slider should be replaced.

4, when the number of cuts is too much, repeatedly retreat a few times and then go not to follow the original cutting track: press back to the parameters - select paragraph - find the perforation point - and then continue cutting.

5, the size of the plasma cutting machine cut is not allowed: 1 drive alarm / dial code error 2 blocked (interference) 3 bearing damage

6, the motor is not working properly: 1 drive alarm, broken / plasma machine has high frequency interference grounding; 2 bearing is broken; 3 motor is broken; 4 drive dial code is correct; drive green light is bright, drive AC wiring is firm, Is there a missing 380V output 5220V?

7, the plasma cutting machine horizontal axis deviation: the working mode has a rotation, press the auxiliary button to remove the rotation

8. Press the punch button to drop the gun all the time. The initial positioning action cannot be completed: the photoelectric switch is broken.www.chamferingmachinechina.com