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Precautions and advantages of chamfering machine

Jun 04, 2019

The chamfering machine mainly uses two straight-tooth (or helical-tooth) disc-shaped chamfering blades which are fixed on the cutter body by screws and approximate the tooth shape of the machined gear end face, respectively, and two end faces of the same gear tooth end. The edges are single-sidedly engaged. The chamfering knife forces the gear to mesh and rotate, and at the same time, the radial feed is to a certain center distance, and a certain pressing force is generated.

The chamfering machine is correspondingly extruded on the tooth profile of the end face of the machined gear, and a small amount of extruded flash is left on the tooth end face and the tooth surface. The equilateral edge means that the chamfer from the crest of the tooth profile of the gear tooth face of the machined gear to the root transition curve is uniform and equal.

When the steel pipe enters, the two headboards must be separated by enough space. During the working time, the tightening condition of the cutter head is often checked. It is found that the looseness is handled in time, and the cutter is not too fast, so as not to damage the cutter and device. Three heads of the opening test can meet the requirements to continue production, and do a good job record. Do not open the protective door to check the quality of the steel pipe. The iron filings must be cleaned up in time, and the iron filings should not fall into the equipment slides and other places. Iron scraps are collected centrally and should not be discarded at will. When chamfering, the cutters should not stand in the plane of rotation to prevent iron filings from injuring people. The gear chamfering machine has high efficiency and good processing quality, so it can meet the trial production processing of small batches of new products, and it can be suitable for large-scale large-scale production. The operator should always pay attention to the operation of each part, sound, temperature rise and lubrication, etc. If there is abnormality, stop immediately and eliminate the malfunction.www.chamferingmachinechina.com