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Precautions before the production of PVC door and window strip extruder

May 23, 2019

1. Pre-drying the material of the PVC door strip extruder, and further drying is required when necessary.

2. Carefully check whether the equipment, water and electricity systems are normal and reliable.

3. Preheat the head, body and screw to the temperature required by the process, and open the cooling jacket at the bottom of the hopper to access the cold water.

4, before starting the machine must be heated for a period of time, because the temperature indicated by the PVC door and window strip extruder temperature control table is ahead of the material temperature, if not constant temperature for a period of time, the instrument temperature will reach the required temperature, The actual material temperature is too low. At this time, if the material is added, the actual temperature is low, so that the molten viscosity of the material is too high and an axial overload occurs, which may cause damage to the equipment or even cause personal injury.

5. When the parts reach the specified temperature, tighten the connecting bolts on the head part and check the connection condition to ensure that no leakage will occur when the equipment is running.

6. Check the hopper and the remaining material. There must be no foreign matter, especially metal and other hard materials, so as not to damage the screw or the barrel.

7. Before starting the machine, replace it with a clean filter to check whether the machine head meets the product size requirements and whether the parts of the machine head are clean.

8. The parts that need lubrication should have sufficient lubricating oil.

9. Clean up the operation site, keep the main machine and auxiliary equipment and the operation console clean, and put the raw materials, products and tools in an orderly manner.

10. Start each operating device and check if the operation is normal. www.chamferingmachinechina.com