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Precautions for using the heading machine

May 11, 2019

 Everyone knows about the heading machine. So what are the things to pay attention to when using the heading machine?

1, the machine is usually not necessary, the machine must be placed.

2. Power supply: If the machine is stopped due to power failure, immediately turn off the main power supply and check if the mold is damaged. If it is broken, replace it with a new one.

3, the machine tool should be wired by a professional electrician, should ensure that the electrical parts are boring. Ensure that the power cord is not broken or leaking.

4. It is necessary to check whether there is any abnormality in each part before production. If there is no mechanical danger, start the oil pump and check whether the oil roads of various parts are not clear. If everything is normal, it can be produced after proper empty work.

5. The time limit for machine protection after production must be stopped. When you are repairing, you must stop the machine at the time of the repair, and you should not stand in the vicinity of the simple change. Otherwise, you can simply put the clothes or hair into the machine to form damage.

6. The machine power supply must be safely grounded.

7. There is abnormal noise in the machine work, and should be stopped immediately for inspection.

8. When the machine is adjusted or working, do not reach into the machine.

9. Do not remove the pulley guard.

10. Do not work in the oil-loss state. The machine runs at high speed and lubrication is the most important.www.chamferingmachinechina.com