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Precautions when operating the plasma cutting machine

May 05, 2019

First, precautions before operation:

1. The operator must be familiar with the performance, structure, transmission system of the machine and master the operating procedures.

2. Check whether the parts are in good condition before starting the equipment, do the lubrication work according to the lubrication requirements, and check whether the pipeline interfaces are secure.

3. Check the vertical and horizontal movement of the equipment rack, plasma cutting machine, whether the cutting and cutting adjustment is flexible and normal.

Second, the operation notes:

1. Place the sheet to be cut in a suitable position on the workbench. The sheet cannot touch the rail.

2. According to the drawings or software, the program is programmed, if necessary, empty car cutting, check whether the program is accurate.

3. When cutting, first start the plasma cutting machine, find the cutting point, adjust the cutting parameters, open the gas source, start the plasma cutting machine, and enter the program to control the cutting.

4. When cutting, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the cut plate and the frame rail, and the electrical components and transmission components must not be tampering.

5. Always keep the drive rack, rail and transmission steel belt clean to ensure the running accuracy.

6. Pay special attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the control and control platform. The programming should be carried out with the assistance of the process technicians.

7. When using the driving and hoisting plate, the safety technical operation rules of the driving operation and the ground (hook) operation should be strictly observed and closely cooperated.www.chamferingmachinechina.com