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Precautions when using the grinding machine

May 16, 2019

1. When designing the grinding machine, the grinding media of different materials, namely the grinding roller and the grinding ring, are selected according to the processing requirements of the user. This not only extends its service life, but also increases production. If the user changes the original intention and processes other raw materials, the grinding roller and the grinding ring of the other matching materials should be replaced.

2. When the user of the grinding machine  changes the fineness of the product (especially when converting from low mesh to high mesh), it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning the coarse powder adhered from the classifier, the pipe, the cyclone dust collector, the inner wall of the finished product bin and Large particles, otherwise it is easy to cause large particle pollution. The cleaning method is usually to clean the residual material in the mill chamber and the air box, the host stops and does not feed, adjust the classifier to the high speed of processing the corresponding fine powder, then drive the blower to the maximum, and start the finished product warehouse. The silo wall vibrator is operated for more than 4 hours, and the outer casing of the pipeline, the cyclone dust collector and the finished product bin must be properly tapped to assist in removing the adhering residue. Don't be afraid to bother with this critical process, especially for the production of ultrafine powders with severe restrictions on large particles.

3, in order to ensure the purity of the grinding machine , it is also necessary to strictly implement the order of starting and closing of each equipment on the production line. Make sure that the classifier that controls the fineness of the product starts up first, and then restarts the other equipment after the calibration speed is reached (the induced draft fan can be started first), and vice versa during the shutdown, finally shut down the classifier and the induced draft fan to prevent The inertia of the blower after the power failure causes the large particles in the mill to blow through the classifier to cause pollution.www.chamferingmachinechina.com