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Price relationship between necessary equipment, manufacturer and finishing line for billet finishing line

May 25, 2018

It is necessary to learn and understand the finishing line of square billet, because it is possible to meet this kind of finishing line in actual work, so it can be used correctly and properly only after being familiar with and understanding, so as to achieve the desired effect and get good economic benefit in the use of the product, but not to get out of it. Waste or economic loss.


1. the specific type of the finishing line, is there a lot of it? Is the finishing line of square billet common?

The specific types of finishing line can be said to be various, that is, there are many kinds, including the billet finishing line. The finishing line of billet finishing line is a common and commonly used type. Therefore, based on this point, we should have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the billet finishing line, so that we can standardize and make reasonable use of it. Besides the finishing line, besides the billet finishing line, there are tubes finishing line, big stick finishing line and so on.


2. which is more important and necessary for billet finishing line in billet finishing line?

The finishing line of billet in the finish line is a common and common type, and there are a lot of equipment on the finishing line, including its main equipment and some auxiliary equipment. In addition, some tools will be used. And the equipment it must have is for the feeding machine or the feeding table, the shot blasting machine and the grinding mill. In addition, there should be a flaw detection device in order to detect the material.


3. the finishing of billets and the finishing of billets, are there any differences between finishing processes and finishing lines involved?

Billet and billet finish, they are compared in the finishing process, and are the same in some large finishing operations, such as cooling, nondestructive testing, flame and mechanical cleaning, cutting, and straightening. However, because billet and billet are two kinds of materials, finishing equipment used in finishing line is different. It can not be exactly the same.


4. billet finishing line, is it done after billet? Are there different prices for different manufacturers?

The billet finishing line is carried out after the billet is obtained, not before the billet. The price of the billet finishing line is directly affected by the manufacturer, and it must be considered in the product purchase. Therefore, different manufacturers have different finishing line prices.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/