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Process improvement of steel pipe end flat chamfering machine

Dec 12, 2018

The end face of the welded pipe of the welded pipe branch often needs further treatment. Generally, the end face of the steel pipe is chamfered by the rotary cutter head through the cylinder by the flat head chamfering machine. Due to the easy compressibility of the gas, the speed of the rotating rotary cutter is unstable during the process of feeding. At the same time, the hydraulic damping cylinder has a large instantaneous pressure of the damping cylinder due to the impact, and the oil leakage phenomenon of the cylinder is serious, causing the rotary cutter to enter. Fast, the flat head chamfering blade has a large loss and the cost increases, and the working time is affected due to the long adjustment time of the tool change.


Therefore, in order to solve these problems, it is necessary to improve the structural design of the flat head chamfering machine. The improved structure is: the starting position of the cam is retracted to the bottom end, and the motor is energized during operation. After the planetary cone disk stepless speed changer decelerates, the cam rotates, and the cam drives the driven roller mounted on the support plate according to the setting curve. Movement, thus achieving fast-forward, work-in and rewind functions of the rotary cutter.


The improved chamfering machine has been proved by field use that the treatment effect on the end face of the steel pipe is obviously better than the previous quality, not only the end face is smooth, but also the noise of the gas source and the pollution of the hydraulic oil are eliminated. Easy to operate, easy to adjust, just adjust the continuously variable transmission adjustment knob.www.chamferingmachinechina.com