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Produce a good helper gear chamfering machine

Aug 18, 2018

Medium and large machinery such as gear chamfering machines are now more and more widely used. The gear chamfering machine is a machine tool that can chamfer the end of the gear teeth. The machine is generally semi-automatic, and the table can be fed in an unequal amount. This is an indispensable processing equipment for the production of gearboxes and other gear shifting mechanisms.


Since the gear chamfering machine starts from the beginning, usually one rotation of the workpiece means that the chamfering of a workpiece is completed. The feed mode generally uses tool feed and can also use the workpiece feed mode as needed. The overall structure of the machine is horizontal layout, modular design, easy to adjust and operate, and good stability.


In the practical application, the gear chamfering machine has the advantages of high efficiency, good processing quality and convenient operation, and meets the needs of large-scale large-scale production. It is an ideal equipment for automobile gear processing. The motor and the main shaft are connected by a coupling, and the cutter is inserted in the taper hole and fastened with a back cap. When processing the modulus and size gears, adjust the eccentricity of the sleeve and the adjustment sleeve to meet the requirements, and then fix them together.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/