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Propulsion mode, characteristics and advantages of aluminum cutting machine

Sep 02, 2019

1. Pneumatic propulsion: This feed mode uses air cylinders to connect the motor to propel. This type of propulsion may be due to the stability of the air pressure, and the saw blade will be intermittent when it is subjected to high resistance during the propulsion process. Generally, the aluminum cutting machine of this propulsion type has low requirements for product cutting, has large tolerances, or requires aluminum parts for secondary processing.

2, hydraulic propulsion mode: As the name suggests, this is a set of hydraulic station on the automatic aluminum cutting machine, with the cylinder to advance the sawing, compared to the first two is very stable, but the sawing speed is relatively slow, suitable for accuracy Relatively high, and the workpiece surface requirements are relatively high customers. This type of propulsion generally produces thicker or larger workpieces, requires stable feed, and stabilizes slowly.