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Reasons for the low vibration accuracy of the straightener

Mar 12, 2020

In the process of using the straightener, we often encounter some common problems such as: the machine will vibrate, and the accuracy is not high in a short time; for these problems we will analyze:

Why does it vibrate:

·Straightening machine itself will produce vibration during operation, because the machine is a straightening device for metal profiles such as bars, wires and pipes.

·The machine equipment is not placed in a horizontal position

·The depth of the straightening roller is incorrect or inappropriate during operation

·The machine has no rollers for a long time, including the above points will cause the reason of low accuracy. The easiest to vibrate during operation may be the unsuitable depth of the straightening roller.

This problem can be avoided by analyzing the straightener as long as the operator can deal with it in time, and there is usually a maintenance inspection of the machine.