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Relationship between finishing equipment and finishing process and which straightening machines are included

Oct 12, 2018

Finishing equipment, that is, equipment for finishing operations or finishing operations, and it is also very much on the finishing objects, such as billet, round billet, bar, etc., and can have different names. Therefore, below, it is advisable to familiarize and understand from the whole of finishing equipment, so that you have a comprehensive understanding of such equipment.


1. Is there a straightening machine in the finishing equipment? Can it be different?

In the finishing equipment, it is a machine that includes a straightening machine, and it is often used. For different materials that need to be finished, different types of straightening machines can be used to ensure the material has a good straightening effect, and then the subsequent finishing operations can be carried out smoothly. However, in general, the straightening machine has four types of two-roller rolling straightening machine, multi-roll straightening machine, pressure straightening machine and steel straightening machine, and these four straightening machines Use more.


2. Which of the following is the finishing equipment and finishing process?

Finishing equipment and finishing process, it can be said that these two are complementary, it can not be said which decides which, because different finishing equipment is corresponding to different finishing processes, and the finishing process will inevitably use finishing equipment. Therefore, there will be such a conclusion. Moreover, on the finishing line, there are both finishing equipment and finishing technology. These two are indispensable and are an important part of the finishing line.


3. Whether the common equipment and machined surface in the finishing equipment can be finished

In finishing equipment, there are some common and common equipments, such as leveling machines, cross shears, slitting machines, rewinding machines, straightening and tensioning machines, etc., to know how to operate these equipment correctly and standardly. To ensure the finishing quality and finishing effect of the material.


Machining the surface, which can be used for finishing operations, as well as finishing equipment. However, this is for machining surface finishing equipment, which has some differences from ordinary finishing equipment. In terms of equipment structure and performance, but the purpose of use is the same, it is to achieve the purpose of finishing.


4. Two-roller vertical straightening machine, is it finishing equipment?

A two-roll vertical straightening machine, which is a specific type of straightening machine, and which can be used in finishing operations for refining the material, so it is a finishing device. The characteristics of this type of straightening machine are:


(1) It adopts a convex-concave roller shape and has the functions of straightening and rolling, which can realize straightening rolling in the whole length range.

(2) It adopts flexible frame and constant pressure load control to achieve roller compaction straightening, which can provide the pressure required for straightening and rolling, and avoid the phenomenon of head and tail reduction.

(3) The roll gap is electrically adjusted, and the hydraulic system uses the plunger pump as the power source. The loading and unloading system has protective measures to ensure the safety of the equipment.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/