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Relationship between steel pipe finishing equipment and finishing process and removal of impurities on steel pipe surface

Nov 30, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, as its name suggests, is all the equipment for the work of steel pipe finishing. It is a collective name and can have many different types. The following is an in-depth understanding of steel pipe finishing equipment, so that you can know how to operate the equipment correctly. In order to make the steel pipe have good finishing quality and finishing effect, it can avoid waste and affect the finishing effect of the steel pipe.


1. Steel pipe finishing equipment is purchased on the industry website. How to ensure the selection of suitable products?

One of the ways to purchase steel pipe finishing equipment is to do this work on the relevant industry website, and it is very simple and convenient, not complicated. However, you need to know the specific information of the product and the manufacturer before the selection, such as the origin of the product, the price, the parameters, and the contact information of the manufacturer. This can be used for telephone consultation. In addition, please refer to the product evaluation to make an accurate judgment and have Choose the right one.


2. Does the stainless steel pipe have a corresponding relationship between the finishing process and the finishing equipment?

Stainless steel pipe, the finishing process and the finishing equipment can be said to be corresponding, because the finishing process is determined to determine which finishing equipment is used, so that the finishing line of stainless steel pipe can be formed and the steel pipe finishing equipment can be fully utilized. Therefore, the normal work of the finishing line allows the steel pipe to have a good finishing quality and avoid various problems during the finishing process.


3. Will cold-drawn steel pipes use steel pipe finishing equipment?

Cold drawn steel pipe, which is a specific type of steel pipe, is a steel pipe obtained by drawing, extrusion and perforating, and the surface of the steel pipe is not seamed. Whether or not to use steel pipe finishing equipment is to see if there is a finishing need for this finished steel pipe. If it is necessary, steel pipe finishing equipment should be used. If not, steel pipe finishing equipment is not needed to avoid waste and increase cost. .


4. Can the diameter of the steel pipe be changed by the steel pipe finishing equipment? There are impurities on the surface of the steel pipe. Which finishing equipment is used in the finishing?

The change of the diameter of the steel pipe cannot be realized by the steel pipe finishing equipment. For example, the large-diameter steel pipe is turned into a small-diameter steel pipe. Because the steel pipe finishing equipment does not have this function, it is mainly used to improve the surface quality and performance of the steel pipe. To achieve this, it can only be achieved by cold rolling or cold drawing. There are impurities on the surface of the steel pipe, which are mainly rust or scale, etc., and these impurities are removed. The steel pipe shot blasting machine can be used to achieve the purpose, and the service life of the steel pipe can be prolonged.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/