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Rolling bearing installation on radial drilling machine

Jun 01, 2019

1. The external force applied during the assembly of the radial drilling machine should not be transmitted through the rollers or balls of the bearing to avoid damage to the bearing.

2. The non-impact method is preferred for loading and unloading.

3. When you need to tap, the method should be correct.

4. For bearings that require the accuracy of the radial drilling machine, such as the bearings of the main shaft, there are often pre-tightening requirements. Because these bearings only achieve a reasonable pre-tightening force, the nominal accuracy can be achieved. Select the quality rocker drill spindle to identify Titan Hao, for example, the main shaft of the rocker drill, generally the front and rear are radial thrust roller bearings. After assembly, it needs to be pre-tightened by the nuts at both ends to achieve the requirement of spindle runout.