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Routine maintenance of horizontal boring and milling machines

May 30, 2019

For the CNC machining center servo motor and control system is the key source of power source and precision control of the machining center, we need to focus on noise and temperature rise. If we feel that the noise or temperature rise is too large, we should check whether the mechanical problem such as bearing, or the parameter setting problem of the matching amplifier, and then take corresponding measures to solve it. If the servo shaft has abnormal sound during the movement, it may be the mechanical noise caused by the screw, the coupling, and the servo motor. The cnc machining center motor can be disconnected from the coupling and the motor can be operated separately if the motor is still If there is noise, then we should adjust the speed loop gain and position loop gain appropriately so that the motor is silent. If there is no noise, it may be judged that the screw and the coupling are concentric, recalibrate the concentricity, and then connect with the motor. Generally can be eliminated.www.chamferingmachinechina.com