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Safe operation of the straightener

Apr 28, 2020

1. The operator must understand the structure and principle of the straightener.

2. Be sure to check the running parts and power supply of the straightener before starting up

3. The operator must bring protective equipment and cuffs. It is forbidden to wear a scarf, gloves, tie or apron; female workers' braids should be kept in the hat.

4. When feeding, do not grasp the material by force, as this may cause hand injury or shock injury, the hand and the pressure roller must be kept at a certain distance.

5. It is forbidden to leave tools and objects on the machine to avoid vibration and falling into the body.

6. When the equipment is started, input tension and alignment, start slowly, and reach the set process parameters as soon as possible to avoid the waste of materials. A

7. During normal production, pay attention to observe the shape of the board and the surface of the board. If there are abnormal phenomena such as scratches, marks, and vibration marks, then it should be dealt with in time. A

8. When straightening is completed, stop slowly and not too fast.