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Several aspects that should be paid attention to in order to ensure quality and safety when sawing machine sawing

Sep 09, 2019

Several aspects that should be paid attention to when ensuring quality and safety when sawing machine sawing

1. Selection of cutting method

After rolling, the billet or finished product must be cut off from the head, tail, defect or cut to length. The main cutting method of finished products is cutting or sawing. Medium-sized mills mainly use hot saws or hot shears. However, cold or cold shears are also used in the following cases. For example, steel cutting and sampling, some products (such as fish plate, military flat steel, etc.) delivery is very short, hot cutting on the line after the mill. Cut into a fixed length with a cold cut on the basis of a double ruler.

 Generally speaking, steel billets and simple section steels are hot sheared; when cutting complex section steels (such as I-beam, channel steel, light rail, etc.), the ends are required to be straight and tidy, and the ends are not allowed to be deformed. .

When producing thin slabs, some factories use hot shears, some use hot saws, and some factories use shears and saws. With the shearing machine, the metal yield is high, no sawdust sparks, and the operating environment is better. However, separate cutting lines or flying shears are required, and the equipment is complicated. With the saw, the metal loss is large, the sawdust is difficult to handle, and the saw blade grinding work is increased. However, the production of thin slabs in the case of simultaneous production of steel profiles, with saws without adding equipment, can also meet production needs, or desirable. For medium-sized rolling mills specializing in the production of thin slabs or thin slabs, it is advisable to provide separate thin slab shearing lines or flying shears. For those workshops where the production of thin slabs is not too large, it is generally better to use hot saws. Add equipment. Care should be taken to ensure quality and safety when sawing.

The following aspects:

(1) Ensure that the saw blade has sufficient cooling water, and the steel cutting head should be removed in time to protect the saw blade.

(2) When cutting the length of the double-length, the distance of the baffle should be considered to be about 1.1% of the allowable deviation and shrinkage of hot steel. After the first hacksaw, the actual length should be measured and the baffle distance should be re-adjusted. Always check if the fixed-length baffle is loose during production.

(3) When the temperature of the rolled piece is low, the sawing speed should be slowed down to prevent the saw blade from being damaged.

(4) Do not use missing teeth, crimps or cracked saw blades.

(5) The saw blade should not be eccentrically installed to avoid vibration during operation.

(6) Sawing some steels that are easy to be quenched, the saw blade should not be watered.