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Single head chamfering machine performance and configuration

Mar 02, 2019

The single-head chamfering machine can be used to grind and chamfer the tooth ends of different gears. Currently, it is mainly used for mass production in industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, engineering, tobacco machinery and machine building. Gear chamfering machine is suitable for medium-sized gears, ring gears, sprockets, turbines, harmonic gears and other gears. In addition, one-sided chamfering of the acute end of the gear teeth can be performed.


Brief introduction of performance characteristics of single head chamfering machine:

First of all, the new operating system configured in the machine is controlled by PLC, color touch screen interface, easy to program and easy to operate.

Secondly, the machine can be used for medium-sized gears, ring gears, sprocket turbines, bevel gears, harmonic gears and other toothed parts, which can be used for single-edge chamfering of the sharp end of the gear teeth.

Thirdly, in the operation of the single-head chamfering machine, the tool post column has an automatic advance and retreat floating reset function.

Fourth, the whole design adopts a fully enclosed structure, and has a three-dimensional design, and the guard device is completely set, beautiful and durable.www.chamferingmachinechina.com