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Slab grinding machine

May 14, 2018

The slab grinding machine is the equipment for the metallurgical company to process the stainless steel continuous casting billet. It is one of the most important methods to improve the quality of the product by grinding the surface of the steel billet through the grinding wheel, removing the oxide layer and the appearance defects.

The primary factor affecting the cost of the process is metal removal rate and grinding ratio. The metal removal rate is evaluated by the metal component worn out in unit time. The grinding ratio refers to the ratio of the worn metal component to the consumed grinding wheel component. According to the principle of grinding dynamics, the most important way to achieve a large metal removal rate is to increase the linear speed and increase the grinding pressure of the grinding wheel. However, progressive grinding pressure and grinding wheel speed will affect the service life of grinding wheels. Therefore, it is necessary to seek the best processing technology. This article first completes the grinding wheel constant line speed control, and then discusses the processing cost of the falling process.

Gao Heng line speed grinding can not only improve the grinding power and grinding quality, but also reduce the cost of grinding wheel and reduce the cost of the process. It is the reform direction of the slab repair mill.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/