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Specific equipment examples and finishing equipment range analysis in steel pipe finishing

Jul 17, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, its main purpose is to carry out steel pipe finishing operations to obtain good finishing effects and good use of steel pipes. Moreover, familiarity and understanding of such equipment can also increase expertise in this area and greatly assist in the finishing of steel pipes.


1. Steel pipe inner hole blowing and vacuuming equipment, which belongs to steel pipe finishing equipment?

Steel pipe inner hole blowing and sucking equipment, which belongs to steel pipe finishing equipment, and this is also to have a clear understanding and correct understanding, and can not go wrong. The specific use of this equipment is to soot and suck the inner wall of the steel pipe after heat treatment. In terms of equipment configuration, there are seven parts: the receiving gantry, the material discharging mechanism, the soot blowing device, the dust removal system, the hydraulic valve table, the pneumatic system and the electrical system.


2. Does the steel pipe finishing equipment contain conveying equipment?

Steel pipe finishing equipment, in simple terms, refers to a type of equipment for steel pipe finishing operations. Therefore, it can be seen from the definition that the conveying equipment is not used in the finishing equipment because it is not used for finishing but To deliver. In addition, on the steel pipe conveying equipment, there are two types of steel pipe conveying rollers and a single V-shaped conveying roller.


3. Will the steel pipe finishing equipment be used in the production of the cylinder tube?

The cylinder tube is mainly made of steel pipe, and the product of the cylinder tube is obtained by the material of the steel pipe. The steel pipe finishing equipment is used because some finishing operations such as cross cutting are performed on the steel pipe. , trimming, straightening and leveling, etc., in turn, a good quality cylinder tube can be obtained.


4. Fully automatic steel tube end face milling machine chamfering machine, is it commonly used?

Fully automatic steel tube end mill head chamfering machine, which is one of the steel tube finishing equipment, and is often used in steel pipe finishing operations. This equipment, the main function is the flat end of the steel pipe end, deburring and chamfering forming, etc., to ensure the quality and finishing effect of the steel pipe. In terms of operation, the key is whether the design and use of the clamping device are reasonable.