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Square Billet Finishing Line how to achieve process control

Jan 05, 2018

Square Billet Finishing Line, from its name point of view, it is used to billet finishing a production line,so,called the Square Billet Finishing Line. Well, since this type of finishing line is mentioned and it is being manufactured and processed in the billet, it is better to know it well in order to know what it is and in turn, to have a preliminary understanding.


1. First rolling the Square Billet Finishing Line, you want to achieve the process control, how to operate?

Initial rolling of the Square Billet Finishing Line, if you want to control the process, then there is a specific operation and implementation steps are:


Through the computer system, we can collect the parameters of each process detected by the automatic testing, at the same time, realize the data sharing and exchange, so as to realize the functions of billet information tracking, monitoring screen display, data communication and report printing. Then, according to the technological requirement, give the overall design scheme, carry on further detailed design, and analyze the technical difficulty, in this way, can avoid some unnecessary problems.


2. Square Billet Finishing Line in the finishing, what is its specific?

Square Billet Finishing Line in the finishing straddle, which mainly refers to the various defects blank grinding, trimming and cutting angle and other treatment, in order to solve these defects. Moreover, operators should use some tools or equipment during their work. Therefore, some professional knowledge should be available and at the same time, safety precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of themselves and their work.


3. First rolling plant,whether there is a Square Billet Finishing Line? And hot-rolled slab, or slab, which can use the Square Billet Finishing Line it?

In the early rolling mill, there is a Square Billet Finishing Line, which is mainly used for trimming, straightening and leveling the billet to improve the surface and intrinsic quality of the billet, so that the billet can be directly used or processed subsequently.


Hot-rolled slabs, or slabs,which can be finished using a Square Billet Finishing Line, are not subject to any problems. In the finishing process, according to the specific finishing requirements and the actual situation, using different equipment,to get the finishing effect the user wants.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/