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Square Billet Finishing Line importance analysis and equipment composition notes

Nov 10, 2018

Square Billet Finishing Line, which is a specific type of finishing line, and is made for the material of billet, so that a series of finishing operations can be used to obtain a good quality billet, so it is necessary to carry out the billet Familiarity and understanding of the entire line, in order to achieve the goal.


1. What are the important aspects and important work on the Square Billet Finishing Line?

The Square Billet Finishing Line has some important aspects and some important work. Specifically, it is the production process and finishing equipment for the Square Billet Finishing Line, because they are related to the finishing line. The whole quality and finishing effect. There are many important tasks, including the calculation of the finishing line production capacity, in order to arrange the appropriate workload according to the finishing line finishing ability, to ensure the efficiency of the finishing line.


2. Is the Square Billet Finishing Line important in the manufacturing process of special steel products?

In the production process of special steel products, it can be said that the finishing line is an important part, because finishing is an important process of product quality control, which is to ensure product quality and improve product grade, and in the specific types of finishing lines, There are Square Billet Finishing Lines, round steel finishing lines and flat steel finishing lines, so it can be said that the Square Billet Finishing Line is very important.


3. Notice on the effect of Square Billet Finishing Line and equipment composition

Square Billet Finishing Line, which is a specific type of finishing line, so it is the same as the ordinary finishing line. It is the inspection of the billet. If it does not meet the delivery standard, including the appearance, logo and weight of the product. In terms of straightness and internal and external defects, it is necessary to treat the billet to ensure the intrinsic and appearance quality of the billet, making it a qualified product. However, the general finishing line is wider in the scope of use.


The design composition of the Square Billet Finishing Line is mainly related to the finishing process, and the finishing process determines which finishing equipment to use. Generally speaking, the finishing process on the finishing line includes shot blasting, straightening, chamfering, flaw detection, automatic labeling, bundling, weighing and collection processing, etc., and the finishing process corresponds to the fine The whole equipment includes shot blasting machine, straightening machine, chamfering machine, flaw detection equipment, automatic labeling machine, automatic baler and weighing equipment. In addition, the grinding machine may be used. Therefore, it is necessary to have a certain familiarity with and understanding of these devices in order to properly operate the finishing line, thereby ensuring the finishing quality and finishing effect of the billet.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/