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Square Billet finishing line length adjustment instructions and what is necessary in the input

Jul 16, 2018

Square Billet finishing line, which is the abbreviation of Square Billet finishing operation line, at the same time, is also the following learning object, because only by having a comprehensive understanding and understanding of it, can we know how to use it correctly and rationally, and then to reflect the product Use value and play its due role, not waste it.


1. Is the finishing process in the Square Billet finishing line important?

In the Square Billet finishing line, the finishing process can be said to be an important aspect and factor, because if the finishing process is not suitable or used improperly, it will affect the finishing effect and finishing quality of the billet, so With this conclusion, everyone should pay attention to it and take it seriously, and choose the right finishing process to ensure a good finishing effect.


2. Can the length of the fixed length of the Square Billet finishing line be adjusted automatically?

The Square Billet finishing line has the parameter of the length of the length, and like other finishing lines, it can be automatically adjusted in some ways, such as the adjustment mechanism using the door change. Moreover, this is also a very good way of operation, which can ensure the smooth progress of the Square Billet finishing work.


3. Which of the finishing operations of the Square Billet must be on the finishing line?

There are a lot of finishing operations for billet, but not every finishing operation will be carried out, but depending on the actual situation and finishing requirements. On the finishing line, what it has to have is three things: leveling, straightening and shearing. Moreover, these three finishing operations should be done well and should not be sloppy.


4. Which ones will be invested in the Square Billet finishing line?

In the input of Square Billet finishing line, there are mainly two equipments and operators, and these two must be, because there is no finishing equipment that can not be used for finishing work, and its operators can be called finishing personnel. Although automatic operation can be used, in some work, manual manual operation is also required, and machine operation cannot be replaced.