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Square Billet Finishing Line temperature detection and control system transformation

Jan 03, 2018

Square Billet Finishing Line, which is mainly used to produce billet. Then, based on this specific requirement, I will continue to explain the relevant knowledge of the Square Billet Finishing Line, or answer the difficult questions so as to further understand this kind of production line, rather than just stay on the surface.


1. Square Billet Finishing Line in the first rolling, the specific what is it? Whether it can only be in the finished product of billet?

Square Billet Finishing Line in the beginning of rolling, specifically speaking, it refers to the use of the beginning of rolling mill, the steel rolling into billet, at the same time, undermine the steel casting structure. However, this production process, not only for billet, but also for slabs and blankets and other finished products, so its scope of application, not a single.


2. In the Square Billet Finishing Line, in order to provide the right temperature for the rolling blank, can use some temperature detection or detector?

In the Square Billet Finishing Line, in order to provide a proper temperature for the rolling process blank, and ensure the smooth rolling, you can use some temperature detection or detector for temperature measurement, so as to achieve the above purpose. The available instrumentation, specifically, the metal detector, and in addition, there may be some other instrumentation.


3. Square Billet Finishing Line, with the steel after the finishing line and continuous casting production line, the same? In addition, billet caster straightening area, how to carry out the transformation of equipment?

The Square Billet Finishing Line is not the same as the steel finishing line and the continuous casting production line. Therefore, there should be no equality between the three. Otherwise, problems will arise. The billet straightening machine straightening area, want to carry out the transformation of the equipment, then, is: equipment input shaft waterproofing, reducer installed high oil cup, and, reduce the ambient temperature of the equipment work properly. In this way, you can extend its useful life.


4. Square Billet Finishing Line in the control system transformation

Square Billet Finishing Line, you want to transform the control system, then, in fact, not very difficult. The specific operation, is: on the motor, focusing on speed, torque imbalance and other issues, the material, focusing on solving its movement, the surface vibration marks and equipment shaking and other issues, so as to improve the billet Surface quality, as well as the safety and reliability of equipment operation.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/