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Square Billet Finishing Lines lab finishing mode is available and wire finishing analysis

Aug 17, 2018

Billet finishing line, which is a specific type of finishing line, and there are many applications in the present, so there is a need to familiarize and understand, so that we can know how to use and rationally use billet. Finish the line and, in turn, get a good finishing effect.


1. Is the billet finishing line, is it the same as the ordinary billet finishing line in the automation control?

The billet finishing line is the same in automatic control as the ordinary billet finishing line, and there is no difference. Moreover, from a professional point of view, the automatic control of the bloom finishing line can bring some benefits, in order to improve work efficiency and reduce the intensity of manual work, as well as improve the finishing quality and finishing effect of the billet. . In addition, the control system of the bloom finishing line can be based on S7-400PLG.


2. Billet and billet, are the processes of the corresponding finishing line the same?

The finishing lines corresponding to the billet and the billet are the billet finishing line and the billet finishing line, respectively, and are two specific types of finishing lines because they are different finishing objects. If the finishing process of the two finishing lines is compared, then the basic finishing process is the same, and there are cooling, flame cleaning, mechanical cleaning, cutting, straightening and packing, but in Individual or targeted processes may vary, as billet and billet are different.


3. Slab finishing mode, can it be used on continuous finishing lines? In addition, can it be used on the billet finishing line?

The slab finishing mode, in particular, is a finishing method for the slab, and has formed a certain mode to facilitate the slab finishing work, and it can realize automatic operation and operation, and realize From the "management of the steel mark" to the "management of the thick plate command management" to ensure the quality and finishing of the slab. Therefore, from the definition of its definition, it can be used on continuous finishing lines, and can also be used on billet finishing lines.


4. What is the material of the wire finishing? Can it be used on the billet finishing line?

The finishing of the wire, the blank is a continuous casting billet, but it is rolled in the production process, so it will use the billet finishing line. However, in the production of raw materials, the billet finishing line can be used to improve the finishing quality and finishing effect of the continuous casting billet, and further, to make the material have good rolling quality and rolling effect, and Good quality wire to ensure its use.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/