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Square round billet grinding machine

Aug 15, 2017

Square billet grinding machine is mainly used for grinding a variety of high-quality carbon steel and alloy steel in the continuous casting or hot rolling process generated by the surface of the tiny cracks, to achieve the surface of the billet full skinning grinding and grinding of the clean-up work, Can be used for full skinning;

Square billet grinding machine set light, point, machine, hydraulic control as a whole, the use of PLC and servo constant power control technology to meet the production needs of different products.

Rectangular billet grinding machine under the pressure of constant pressure constant voltage constant power load control device, so that the billet set depth in the grinding process does not change the diameter of the wheel gradually smaller.

The hydraulic control system of the square billet grinding machine can automatically adjust the grinding pressure of the grinding wheel to avoid the loss caused by the deep grinding of the decks at both ends of the billet.

Square billet grinding machine can be billet surface defect detection, position memory, grinding wheel grinding position coordinates and grinding time determined by the computer control, which can be local automatic grinding.

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