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Stability of two-axis CNC chamfering machine

Jan 18, 2019

The two-axis CNC chamfering machine is mainly used for chamfering of gear shifting wheels of automobiles and the like, and is suitable for processing disc gears, ring gears, etc., and the shape of the chamfer has sharp corners and arc angles. In the use of tools, this machine uses a carbide machine clamp. The machine is horizontally arranged, fully protected and modular.


The processing principle of the two-axis CNC chamfering machine is intermittent tooth-by-teeth machining. The two-axis numerical control system is used to simultaneously chamfer the two sides of the machined gear with the two end milling cutters, and the machine tool feeds the workpiece. The workpiece is indexed by the knife and the workpiece, and one tooth is cut and the next cutting is started. This machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, simple tool, good processing quality and easy adjustment and operation. Therefore, it can meet the trial production of small batches of new products, and it can be suitable for large-scale large-scale production.


Moreover, during the operation of the two-axis CNC chamfering machine, the tool stroke and the workpiece index are controlled by the servo motor, so the machine tool has the characteristics of simple structure, compact structure and short transmission chain. It also reduces the noise of the machine tool, reduces the adjustment link, and the performance is stable and reliable, and the use is more convenient.www.chamferingmachinechina.com