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Steel finishing equipment finishing methods and what finished products

Sep 20, 2017

Steel pipe finishing equipment, as the name suggests, is used for ordinary steel pipe finishing a class of equipment. Therefore, as long as the steel pipe for finishing operation of the equipment, can be divided into steel pipe finishing equipment in this category. Then the following, in order to let everyone on this type of equipment, have further understanding and understanding, will carry out their learning work, so that we can also get some new knowledge.

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1. Steel pipe, after the steel pipe finishing equipment, in size, whether there is a change?

Steel pipe, after finishing the steel pipe finishing equipment, the size, there will be some changes, because it may involve the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction, so it led to this result. However, it should be noted that the change, there will be no big difference, but a small range, if the difference is great, then it is a problem.

2. Steel finishing equipment finishing operation, whether it has specific types?

Steel finishing equipment, the finishing operation, there are specific types, in general, there are two kinds of hot finishing and cold finishing. Moreover, these two finishing methods, the corresponding finishing equipment, is not the same, so everyone, at this point, should be noted that they can not be confused.

3. After finishing the steel pipe equipment, which products can be obtained?

Ordinary steel pipe, after finishing the steel pipe finishing equipment, is able to achieve some specific products, such as refined steel pipe, or can be called finishing seamless steel pipe. This kind of steel pipe is in the ordinary steel pipe, rolling, sizing and reducing diameter, as well as steel finishing equipment, finishing, etc., to get the finished product. After that, it is carried out spraying, packaging and other operations, in order to put into the market.