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Steel finishing equipment purchase considerations

Mar 09, 2018

Steel finishing equipment, as its name implies, is a series of equipment for finishing steel tubes, so they are collectively referred to as steel finishing equipment. So, this type of equipment, what we should know and understand, so that we can operate correctly, and then get good results and economic benefits? The following, will address this issue, the device for learning and understanding, so that we have a full understanding of it.


1. Optional steel finishing equipment, which should take into account specific aspects?

The selection of steel pipe finishing equipment, it is necessary to take into account many aspects, including the processing equipment type, model, price and related parameters and so on. Moreover, these are important aspects, therefore, indispensable. In addition, we should take these into account, so that we can have the correct judgments and accurate results, thus, to choose the right product.


2. Steel finishing, whether it contains the finishing of the steel surface?

Finishing of the steel pipe includes finishing of the surface of the steel pipe, and this is an essential step and process in the finishing of the steel pipe, which can not be omitted. Moreover, steel finishing used in steel finishing equipment, some can be used in the finishing of steel pipe surface, but some do not apply.


3. Processing the size of the first pipe, which equipment will be used? In addition, the pipe finishing equipment, whether it contains cold drawing machine equipment?

The size of the processing of steel head, it will use the equipment, mainly presses, heating equipment and lathes, etc. In addition, you can also according to production requirements, appropriate to add some other equipment to meet different processing requirements. The steel finishing equipment, there is no drawing machine this one, because it is used in ordinary steel pipe manufacturing.


4. Pipe finishing, how to ensure the pipe diameter finish?

The inner diameter of the pipe finish, this specific aspect of steel pipe finishing is concerned, is an important aspect and a parameter. In the pipe finishing equipment, it will use the boring machine, lathe and grinder these machines and equipment, to carry out finishing. As for which equipment should be used, it is to see the processing tolerance requirements.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com