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Steel flat-head chamfering machine automatic production line operation

Mar 08, 2018

In the steel flat-head chamfering machine automatic production line, PLC control system in the actual production has played an important role, but also to ensure that welding steel pipe chamfering machine to improve the production capacity and production quality. In actual operation, the current main can be divided into four kinds of control, that is, jogging, manual, automatic and semi-automatic.


In the automatic mode, the staff mainly inputs the relevant parameter information of the steel pipe to be processed into the system through the operation panel, and after confirmation, the PLC automatically selects a set of processing parameters. When the staff to confirm and press the "start processing" button, the steel pipe chamfering machine will enter the automatic mode of operation. In this mode, the need to steel pipe feeding, stepping device, the host, unloading transport all four areas hit the automatic mode.


The so-called semi-automatic way, that is, the entire system is in a semi-automatic operation. At this point, steel feeding, stepping devices, steel chamfering machine host, feeding a region hit the manual feed. In manual mode, the stepper and the host can complete a program action independently.


In the jog mode, at this time all the actuators are not subject to program interlocking, limit switch, but can be manually operated in order to steel pipe chamfering machine equipment debugging and maintenance adjustments. However, in this mode, you can not pour welding bevel, flat head and down inside and outside the burr. Only in this mode is the operator allowed to modify the machining parameters.


Combined with the above introduction to analyze, steel flat-head chamfering machine in the PLC control system with the help of stable operation, easy operation, high reliability. Not only help to achieve the step-by-step cycle control and other logic control functions, but also to improve the handling quality of the steel flat-head chamfering machine provides a reliable guarantee. http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com