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Steel ingot grinding machine features and advantages and whether the wheel is important

Feb 24, 2018

Grinding machine, if the object is for steel ingot, then, this kind of grinding machine, called steel ingot grinding machine, that is, a steel ingot grinding work of a machine equipment. So, for this kind of grinder, since it is mentioned, it may wish to be familiar with a good understanding of it, so that you can properly use and rational use, in order to get good results on the device and economic benefits.


1. Steel ingot grinding machine used to repair the pipe, then how?

Steel ingot grinding machine This kind of grinding mill, grinding pipe in the way, is the use of rotary grinding, that is, the grinding wheel along the ingot surface of the spiral ribbon-shaped movement, so as to complete the grinding work. And, through the rotation mechanism and the balance weight system, can automatically adjust the control to get a smooth smooth surface and angular transition steel ingot.


2. ingot grinding machine which features and benefits?

Steel ingot grinding machine is characterized by grinding quality, high efficiency and low loss, and, you can also achieve energy saving. Its advantages are high degree of equipment automation, grinding efficiency, and easy to use and maintain, it is possible to different specifications of the ingot grinding. In addition, if necessary, can also be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.


3. Steel ingot grinding machine, whether it can be automated? If yes, what is it?

Steel ingot grinding machine, if it uses hydraulic pressure system and PLC control, then, can be automated operation and operation. Thus, to improve the work efficiency of equipment, shorten the processing time. And this kind of grinder, called automatic grinder, which uses PLC and servo constant power control technology to meet different production requirements.


4 ingot grinding machine grinding, grinding wheel is the key and important?

Grinding steel ingot grinding machine, mainly through the wheel to complete, so the grinding wheel is an important and key components, can not be taken care of. In the wheel material, the use of emery is a good choice, because of its good heat dissipation and long service life, and, there will be no paste wheel this issue. http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com