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Steel Ingot Grinding Machine is advanced and its maintenance and inspection purposes

Jun 30, 2018

The ingot grinding machine, as its name can tell, is one of the grinding machines. In use, it is a steel ingot. Therefore, it is targeted for use, rather than being widely used. Therefore, it is necessary to have a deep understanding so as to know how to correctly use and broaden the types of grinding machines that they know.


1. Steel ingot grinding machine, whether it is advanced?

This type of grinding machine, a steel ingot grinding machine, is advanced in its own right. If it is summarized, it is:


(1) The grinding machine can use hydraulic system, PLC control and servo constant power control technology to meet the processing requirements of different products, and ensure the processing quality and use effect of the product.

(2) Constant pressure constant power load control device can be used for the steel ingot material. In this way, the ingot will not change due to the smaller diameter of the grinding wheel during deep grinding.

(3) If the equipment adopts a control system, then the dressing grinding pressure of the grinding wheel can be automatically adjusted so as to prevent the grinding wheel from being severely damaged in the grinding process and affecting the normal operation and use of the equipment.


2. Is the saw blade or grinding wheel in the steel ingot grinding machine a special saw blade or grinding wheel?

The saw blade or grinding wheel in the steel ingot grinding machine is a special saw blade or grinding wheel, because if it is an ordinary saw blade or grinding wheel, then it is impossible to guarantee the use effect and processing quality of the grinding machine, so a special saw blade is used. Or grinding wheel, to ensure the processing effect of the equipment, but also for the steel ingot material, to avoid problems in the use of the process.


3. How does the ingot grinding machine remove the oxide layer on the surface of the ingot? In addition, what is the purpose of its maintenance and repair?

In order to remove the oxide layer on the surface of the steel ingot by means of a steel ingot grinding machine, the following measures can be taken: the welding electrode is used and placed on both sides of the grinding machine for welding and clamping, and then the grinding machine knife The head starts to rotate. When the cutting time is set, the electrode face is repaired to a new surface and the oxide layer on the surface of the ingot is removed.


The purpose of maintenance of the ingot repair machine is to allow the equipment to return to normal, and to extend its maintenance cycle and service life. In addition, it can also improve the working efficiency of the equipment and reduce the failure rate during its use. Therefore, based on the importance of this work, it is necessary to formulate a good inspection cycle and maintenance content, as well as maintenance procedures, etc. to ensure that the equipment has a good use effect.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/