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Steel pipe chamfering machine

Jun 08, 2019

The steel pipe chamfering machine is used for the chamfering and flat head work of welding the groove on both ends of the steel pipe as required. The steel pipe chamfering machine is a double-head chamfering machine equipped with a head box, a flower disk, a clamping device, a hydraulic auxiliary fixture, a lifting roller device, etc., in order to solve the problem of processing the end of the thick-walled steel pipe, the steel pipe chamfering machine is on the flower disk It is equipped with two chamfering knives and flat head knives.


Performance parameter

1, the length of the steel pipe: 6-12.5m (the length of 6 meters of steel pipe allows single-head cutting processing, but also double-head processing at the same time, the buyer can choose according to);

2. Outer diameter of steel pipe: φ406mm-φ2540mm;

3, steel pipe wall thickness: 5-25.4mm;

4, material: Q235, Q345, X42-X80

5, steel pipe weight: 20t