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Steel pipe chamfering machine application and performance parameters

Feb 06, 2018

Steel pipe chamfering machine, which is one of the chamfering machines, and is a machine equipment for the material of steel pipe, so, this chamfering machine is called steel pipe chamfering machine. Well, on this machine, the following, will be described, so that we have a preliminary understanding of it, so that we can correctly use the steel pipe chamfering machine.


1. Steel chamfering machine, which is what specifically?

Steel chamfering machine, specifically speaking, it refers to the steel pipe ends of the welding bevel chamfering and flat work. In general, this machine is a double-headed chamfering machine, and, equipped with a headboard, face plate, clamping device, hydraulic auxiliary jig and roller device and so on, in order to solve the process of steel pipe Tube end problem. In addition, it is on the faceplate, there is a chamfering knife and a flathead tool.


2. Steel chamfering machine performance parameters

Steel chamfering machine, which has a corresponding performance parameters, is:


Pipe length: 6-12.5m, of which, 6m steel pipe can be either single-head cutting, it can be double-headed cutting.

Steel pipe diameter: φ406mm-φ2540mm

Pipe wall thickness: 5-25.4mm

Steel pipe material: Q235, Q345 and X42-X80 and so on

Pipe weight: not more than 20 tons


3. Steel chamfering machine properties and specific applications

Steel pipe chamfering machine, from a professional point of view, it is a dedicated machine tool equipment, in the processing method is fixed and misplaced two bedside boxes, as well as the pipe ends chamfered this way, so that Steel pipe end down groove, flat end, and deburring these operations. These are the specific applications of this type of chamfering machine.


4. Automatic steel chamfering machine to understand

Automatic steel chamfering machine, which is a steel chamfering machine in its structure, mainly for:


This kind of chamfering machine, there is a base of this part, but also installed in the base of a large carriage, hook plate at both ends of the base. The big carriage is installed on the base box through the slide rail, and the base box is connected with the bed head box through fasteners. The bedside box, is a combination of structure, and is divided into upper and lower box. In addition, in the lower box, also installed a gear shift mechanism.


In addition, automatic steel pipe chamfering headboard outside the box, but also installed a cutter head, cutter also installed in the cutting device. At the end of a large carriage, a clamping device and a towline are installed. In this way, can improve the processing capacity of the device and the use of effects, make it safe and reliable operation.