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Steel pipe finishing equipment on the impact of steel pipe and die to use

Mar 21, 2018

The simple understanding of steel pipe finishing equipment is for the equipment used to carry out steel pipe finishing, and this is a generic reference rather than a specific equipment. So, as long as the steel pipe finishing operation can be divided into the scope of steel pipe finishing equipment. Then, what understanding and understanding should we have for this type of equipment? Below, specific answers will be given.


1. This is a kind of seamless steel pipe in a steel pipe. Is it necessary to finish this process in the production process? Is it necessary to use steel pipe finishing equipment?

This type of seamless steel pipe is one of the three production processes of hot rolling and cold rolling or cold drawing. However, no matter what kind, in the production process or process, there is a finishing step, and if this is done, some steel pipe finishing equipment will definitely be used, so in these two problems Above, its answer is yes.


2. After the steel pipe is finished by the steel pipe finishing equipment, will it change?

The steel pipe, which has undergone changes after the finishing of the steel pipe finishing equipment, cannot change at all. Otherwise, the steel pipe finishing equipment does not have any effect. However, the difference between them cannot be great. If there is a big difference, then it is definitely a problem in some areas that will lead to this result.


3. After the seamless steel pipe is finished, can it be refined steel pipe?

Seamless steel tubes, after finishing by steel tube finishing equipment, can be refined and drawn steel tubes, and their quality and performance can be further improved. Therefore, steel pipe finishing equipment sometimes plays an important role and cannot be ignored, so as not to affect the use of equipment and the finishing effect of steel pipes.


4. During the use of steel pipe finishing equipment, is it necessary to use the mold?

Steel pipe finishing equipment, whether it is necessary to use the mold in the process of use, is to look at the actual production conditions and the use of the product requirements, if necessary, can be used. However, it should be noted that, in the mold size and specific types, it is necessary to correctly and reasonably select, so that it can well match the steel pipe finishing equipment, smooth steel pipe finishing operations.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com