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Steel Pipe Finishing Equipment Use Precautions

Aug 26, 2017

The cutting head of the cutting machine is a linear guide with a ball screw, smooth running, no wear, the nose in the hydraulic power driven under the linear guide to do the upper and lower sawing, and can adjust the nose speed up and down the plate flow valve, saw Chip deflection is low, sawing precision, strength, stability, and has a large capacity of the storage tube to ensure that the blade life, incision does not heat, cut surface. Sawing the workpiece without burrs, no dust, smooth surface, the connection is perfect, can save the second processing, sawing low noise, low pollution and so on. At the same time with fast forward, rewind characteristics, thereby improving the efficiency, but also for the steel pipe wall thickness of the product, the use of intermittent cutting function, which in the chip at the same time improve the life of the tool.