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Steel pipe finishing general process and finishing equipment influencing factors

Dec 14, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which is used for all steel pipe finishing operations, is collectively referred to as steel pipe finishing equipment. The following is to explain and explain the professional knowledge of steel pipe finishing equipment, so that everyone can have a correct understanding and deep understanding of the product through learning, and then, to make reasonable use.


1. Comparison of medium-finish finishing equipment and steel pipe finishing equipment

Comparing the medium-finish finishing equipment with the steel pipe finishing equipment, it can be concluded that the two types of equipment are both identical and different, and are for finishing equipment but will have some specific types. Different, however, some of these devices are the same, such as straighteners, polishers, and palletizers, which are basic devices.


2. Will the finished steel pipe finishing equipment be used in the production process of the finished steel pipe?

Finished steel pipe, which is a specific type of steel pipe, and whether this type of steel pipe will use steel pipe finishing equipment in the manufacturing process is determined by whether there is a need for finishing, and if necessary, steel pipe finishing is required. Equipment, steel pipe finishing equipment is not used if it is not necessary. Moreover, from another point of view, the use of steel pipe finishing equipment can improve the quality and performance of the steel pipe, but if it is not used, forced use will increase the cost.


3. Will hot rolling and cold rolling of steel pipes affect steel pipe finishing equipment?

Hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel pipes, which are two different production processes for steel pipes, and the obtained steel pipes are completely different in terms of specific names and performances. The former is hot-rolled steel pipe and the latter is cold-rolled steel pipe. . Although they all belong to steel pipes, they will affect steel pipe finishing equipment to a certain extent, because different steel pipes are different in finishing requirements.


4. Which processes are common in steel pipe finishing?

The general process in steel pipe finishing, which is for tube billet heating, steel pipe sizing and reducing, steel pipe cooling and pickling, spray marking and packaging, etc. It can be said that it is a general process in steel pipe finishing, and it will use phase. Corresponding steel pipe finishing equipment, to carry out these operations smoothly, to ensure the finishing quality and finishing effect of the steel pipe after finishing, so that the product can be processed later or directly.http://chamferingmachinechina.com/