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Steel pipe grinding machine use

Aug 28, 2017

Steel pipe outside the grinding machine (also known as grinding wheel Pa Pei machine) for cleaning the tube, the rod surface defects and scale. After grinding the surface of the billet grinding, removal of oxide and surface defects, is to improve product quality is one of the important means. Can be based on the size of the workpiece and the workpiece defect set a number of grinding head, while grinding.

The amount and smoothness of the surface of the steel pipe have an important relationship with the pressure applied by the equipment to the pipe. The existing grinding machine grinding pressure adjustment is not sensitive enough, not too much is too small, well adjusted after the pressure parameters and easy to drift. The main reason is: First, the grinding machine in the regular maintenance, the static balance is inevitable to change, the grinding pressure also increases or decreases; Second, the pressure applied to the cylinder for the ordinary type, the cylinder internal The friction of the cylinder wall with the piston range, not easy to correct.

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