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Steel pipe inner grinding machine

Aug 19, 2017

The inner ring grinding machine is the inner ring grinding equipment of the steel pipe. The equipment is used for the grinding of the inner surface of the stainless steel pipe, the alloy steel pipe and the straight seam welded pipe. At the same time can also be used as a variety of waste steel pipe within the round renovation and a variety of steel pipe within the rust removal equipment.

The equipment uses double long shaft grinding head high-speed grinding, long shaft grinding head installed in the car, and in the driving car driven to complete the axial movement, large pipe length of 12 meters. Can be adapted to meet the different raw materials, diameter grinding work.

Floating long shaft grinding head can follow the rolling of the steel pipe floating and floating, thus ensuring the steel inside and outside the table, the circumferential radial grinding of the uniform. Can be batch continuous processing, with the processing accuracy and stability, low processing costs, low labor intensity characteristics.

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