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Steel structure equipment specific requirements and installation forms

Mar 22, 2018

Steel structure equipment, in terms of its name, refers to a structural device having a steel structure, so it is referred to as a steel structure device. Well, since we mentioned this kind of equipment, but everyone is not very understanding of it, the following, may wish to learn and understand through the relevant knowledge to explain, so that you can also know what it is, and how to operate.


1. What is a steel structure equipment?

Steel structure equipment, in concrete terms, refers to a type of equipment that uses the structural form of a steel structure. Therefore, as long as this definition is met, it can be divided into the category of steel structure equipment. From the current point of view, there are many devices that meet this definition. Moreover, for some complete sets of equipment, the main part is the force, which can play a structural role in the function.


2. Is there a difference between steel structure equipment and ordinary equipment?

Steel structure equipment, when compared with ordinary equipment, then there must be some differences. Because, if there is no difference between them, then there is no name for steel structure equipment. Moreover, there is a big difference between this equipment and precision machinery and equipment.


3. In what areas does the steel structure equipment have specific requirements?

Steel structure equipment has some specific requirements in some aspects. It is:


Parameters: material and grade, surface roughness, tolerances, straightness, or verticality.

Connection: hole position deviation, bolt level, welding method, welding material type, airtightness.

The overall structure: level, verticality.

Packaging: Packaging materials, packaging methods.

Transportation: means of transport, mode of transport.

Warehousing: ambient temperature, ambient humidity.


4. What are the forms of installation of steel structure equipment? In addition, are there any precautions during transportation?

The installation of steel structure equipment, in its specific form, mainly includes on-site assembly and workshop installation. Which one is chosen depends on the actual situation. The transportation of this equipment has some precautions in the transportation process. The main thing is to avoid distortion or damage during transportation of the equipment.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com