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Steel tube finishing equipment automation benefits and mold cavity design instructions

Jul 31, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which has only six words, but there are many kinds of equipment and its types. Therefore, if you want to understand and fully understand the steel pipe finishing equipment, you should understand and master all the professional knowledge and related In all aspects, to standardize and rational use of steel pipe finishing equipment, and at the same time, let different steel pipes have good finishing quality and finishing effects.


1. Are there some important equipment in the steel pipe finishing equipment?

In the steel pipe finishing equipment, there are some important equipments. Therefore, these important finishing equipments should not be underestimated, so as not to affect the finishing quality and finishing effect of the steel pipes. The important finishing equipment in steel pipe finishing is the steel pipe baling machine. In addition, automatic control of steel pipe finishing is an important part if the equipment is operated automatically.


2. Is it advantageous to use automatic operation of steel pipe chamfering machine in steel pipe finishing equipment?

Among the steel pipe finishing equipment, there are steel pipe chamfering machine, steel pipe hexagonal stacking machine and steel pipe baling machine. For these machines and equipment, if automation is used to achieve automation, there are many advantages, at least, can improve the working efficiency of the equipment, reduce the labor intensity and shorten the processing time. In addition, the steel pipe finishing operation is also beneficial and harmless, and can improve the finishing quality of the steel pipe.


3. In the steel pipe finishing, is there a reference formula for the calculation of the mold cavity?

In the finishing of steel pipes, it is possible to use the tool in the use of steel pipe finishing equipment. In the design and calculation of the mold cavity, there is a reference formula, and the accurate result can be calculated by the formula. In this way, it is conducive to the correct design of the mold, and the mold can help the finishing of the steel pipe. At the same time, once the mold is used, it can not affect the smooth progress of the steel pipe finishing.


4. If a flaw is found after the steel pipe is inspected, what should I do?

Steel pipes, after ultrasonic flaw detection, manual inspection or length measurement and weighing, if there are defects, they are treated differently for different defects. If there is a problem with the size, the size adjustment is performed; for some defects, the steel pipe finishing equipment, such as a steel pipe chamfering machine, can be used for chamfering to eliminate these defects and make it a qualified steel pipe.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/