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Steel tube finishing equipment price specification and seamless steel pipe will be used

May 21, 2018

Steel tube finishing equipment is a kind of equipment that is used for the finishing operation of the steel tube. Therefore, this kind of equipment is called the steel tube finishing equipment. Moreover, it must be familiar and familiar to us, since it is mentioned at the beginning of the article. So, based on that, then, you can do it, and you can do that, and you can also benefit from it.

1. Steel tube finishing equipment, its brand new and second-hand, is there any difference?

Steel pipe finishing equipment, its on new equipment and second-hand equipment, there is a difference between, and this is no doubt that, because, these two kinds of equipment, not only on price, is not the same, in addition, in other ways, is also different. As for their price, generally speaking, the price of new equipment is higher than that of second-hand equipment.

2. Is the rolling mill included in the steel tube finishing equipment?

This, from a professional point of view, the answer is no, because, belongs to the rolling mill equipment, is in production equipment, and is not in finishing equipment, so, for steel tube is the same, which is, in the steel pipe finishing equipment, mill does not contain the machine equipment.

3. In the production process of seamless steel pipe, shall we use the steel tube finishing equipment?

In seamless steel tube production process, if it is to use hot rolled the production process, so the process is as follows: the tube billet preparation and checking - tube billet heating, piercing, rolling pipe, steel tube reheating, fixed diameter (reduction), heat treatment, the finished tube straightening, finishing, inspection, warehousing.

If it is cold rolled or cold drawn, the process is: preparation of billet - pickling lubrication - cold rolling (drawing) - heat treatment - straightening - finishing - test.

Therefore, it can be seen from the above that, no matter which production process, there will be an intensive process of this process, so it is certain that the steel tube finishing equipment will be used. So, on this question, the answer is yes, and it's obvious, no doubt.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/