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Structural analysis of a new type of flat head chamfering machine

Jul 11, 2018

The new flat head chamfering machine adopts a rotation and revolution mode during operation, so that the processing cutter wheel rotates along the end face of the steel pipe while rotating, and two cutter heads are installed to perform the milling end face and the inverted outer edge work respectively. Therefore, the new flat head chamfering machine can realize the chamfering of the outer edge of the steel pipe wall and the machining of the end face at one time.


In practical applications, the new type of flat head chamfering machine and feeding device and clamping device make up the steel tube automatic finishing processing line, which greatly improves the scope of processing steel tubes. The wall thickness range of the processing steel tube fully meets the current international processing requirements, and the steel tube is designed and processed. Wall thickness ≤ 80mm. This not only satisfies the processing requirements for steel pipes, but also solves the problem of finishing machining of large-diameter, large-walled, and high-grade steel pipes.


At the same time, the new flat head chamfering machine can maintain a stable state during operation, has a large processing capacity, and has good quality and high efficiency. When the servo motor rotates, the screw is driven to rotate through the speed reducer, so that the movement of the moving base relative to the base is driven by the feed screw nut, thereby achieving the purpose of feeding.