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Structural requirements and main equipment of steel pipe chamfering machine

Apr 28, 2019

The steel pipe chamfering machine belongs to a special machine tool when it is used. It is generally fixed by two bed head boxes and arranged in a wrong position. The two ends of the steel pipe are chamfered at the two ends, which are mainly used for pipe end slopes and flat end faces of steel pipes. Deburring processing. The steel pipe chamfering machine mainly includes a steel pipe moving machine, a lifting device, a pipe end positioning device, a clamping device and a chamfering host.

The steel pipe chamfering machine is used for the chamfering and flat working of the welding groove on both ends of the steel pipe as required. The steel pipe chamfering machine is a double-head chamfering machine equipped with a head box, a flower disk, a clamping device, a hydraulic auxiliary fixture, a lifting roller device, etc., in order to solve the problem of processing the end of the thick-walled steel pipe, the steel pipe chamfering machine is on the flower disk It is equipped with two chamfering knives and flat head knives.

Steel pipe chamfering machine structure

Power head of steel pipe chamfering machine, transmission speed reduction mechanism, floating cutter head, rotary spindle with movable feed, steel pipe clamping device, steel pipe lifting device, conveying roller table, loading and unloading device, hydraulic control system, intelligent control system, operation Button box and other components.