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Technical parameters and performance characteristics of SMY-4820 single-head chamfering machine

Sep 21, 2017

In fact, SMY-4820 single-head chamfering machine equipment use in the power of pneumatic, it can achieve the maximum spiral angle of 35 degrees in the operation. In the case of grinding, the maximum speed is 16,000 rpm at the time of empty load. The table motor is 25W-1: 200 stepless. In addition, the table can adjust the angle between + 20 degrees and -20 degrees, the diameter of the trachea is 10 and the weight of the body is 450 kg.

To analyze the current application, then we usually use SMY-4820 single-headed chamfering machine in tractors, automobiles, motorcycles, engineering, tobacco machinery and machine manufacturing and other industries mass production. It mainly processes for the various shapes of the gear tooth chamfering. Its operating system is mainly controlled by the PLC. The touch screen interface is colorful and easy to operate.

Round Bar Tool Chamfering Machine.jpg

More importantly, SMY-4820 single-head chamfering machine equipment has good adaptability, so we can use it to process a variety of different sizes of gears, ring gear, sprocket wheel, umbrella gear, harmonic gear and so on. At the same time, we can complete the gear tooth tip angle of the single side chamfer processing requirements. And the machine is also equipped with a turret column automatic advance and retreat floating reset function.

Finally, considering the appearance design, SMY-4820 single-head chamfering machine equipment is designed in enclosed construction with its three-dimensional appearance and a variety of protective design, so it looks very beautiful and generous.