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The advantages and structure analysis of a new type of milling head chamfering machine

Jun 25, 2018

The new type of flat head chamfering machine adopts the rotation and revolving movement mode, so that the processing cutter wheel rotates along the end face of the steel pipe while rotating, and the two cutter heads are installed at the same time, and the milling end face and the inverted outer edge work are respectively performed, and the primary processing can realize Outer edge chamfering and end face machining of steel pipe wall.


In practical applications, the new type of flat head chamfering machine and feeding device and clamping device constitute the steel pipe automatic finishing processing line, which greatly improves the scope of processing steel pipe, and its processing of steel pipe wall thickness range fully meets the current international processing needs, design and processing Steel pipe wall thickness ≤ 80mm.


It not only satisfies the processing requirements for steel pipes, but also easily solves the problem of finishing and processing of large-diameter, large-walled, and high-grade steel pipes that were faced in the past, and the equipment of the chamfering machine is stable in operation, with large processing capacity and good quality. ,efficient. From the analysis of the structure of the new milling head chamfering machine, the upper surface of the supporting base is installed with a moving base through a linear guide, and the moving base and the supporting base form a sliding fit. http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/